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We know that the days leading up to your vacation can be hectic. To insure that your RV pick-up goes smoothly, we have highlighted these important items that can cause a departure delay.
1-It is vital that all drivers and the person whose name is on the Rental Application be here, in the office, on the day of departure to sign the paperwork. Our insurance company restricts us from releasing a vehicle to a substitute such as a spouse, child, parent, friend, etc.
2-Make sure you have the following with you at the time of departure:
*Valid Drivers License with Picture
*The actual credit card you wish to use. We cannot accept a card in someone else's name not can we use merely the number you provided on the Reservation Application. The card must be valid and available to run that day.
*Security deposits must be in the form of credit card, cash, certified check or money order.
*REMINDER: Personal checks are not accepted at the time of pick-up!
3-If you are extending your coverage from your personal insurance provider, there must be an insurance binder on file stating that Liability will extend to the RV Rental. If we do not have this proof at the time of pick-up, the RV will not be released to you.
4-If you are renting a travel trailer, be sure that your hitch ball is the proper size for towing the rental unit and that your wiring is in working condition. Hitch height must be 18-21" from the ground to the top of the hitch ball. Allow 1-2" of drop when the trailer is attached to your vehicle. If you are having a hitch installed, be sure that you have an appointment to do so PRIOR to the time of departure. If the trailer you are renting requires a 7-wire plug and an electric braking system, be sure that has been installed PRIOR to pick-up.
5-Remember, your departure will take about an hour to sign the papers, preform a comprehensive interior orientation and familiarization walkthrough that will instruct you on the safe use of the RV.

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