Frequently Asked Questions

1: Why does the generator run but there is still no power inside?
Plug the shore power cord into the outlet located in the shore power compartment. Check breakers on the generator itself, or in the power panel.
2: Why won't the generator start?
Always start the main engine before attempting to start the generator. Fuel tank must be at least 1/4th full. Check fuse at front of generator.
3: Why is there no hot water?
Be sure water heater switch is turned on. A red light on the switch indicates no flame. Turn switch to the "OFF" position. Wait 10 seconds and turn the switch to the "ON" position. Be sure house batteries are fully charged. Push reset button on water heater.
4: Why won't the propane appliance work?
Verify that the propane tank is full. Ensure that the batteries are fully charged. Check all fuses and circuit breakers.
5: Why do the lights keep going dim?
Run main engine for at least half and hour to charge the batteries. Check the water level of the batteries. Plug into the shore power.
6: Why does the TV get poor reception?
Locate antenna booster switch and turn switch to "ON". A little green light indicates that the amplifier is working. Check the cable connection at the rear of the TV to make sure it is secure.
7: Why is there a foul odor coming from the bathroom?
Drop a chemical packet into the toilet. Fill the bowl twice with water and leave a small amount of standing water in the bowl.
8: Why is there a constant beeping sound?
Check the Carbon Monoxide and LP detectors for a normal steady green light. If the light is yellow, see your info packet. Start the engine to charge the batteries. Weak batteries in the smoke detector may also cause this beeping noise. 
9: Why does the monitor panel alway read "FULL", even if I just dumped the tanks?
This is a normal condition due to debris sticking to the sending units in the tank. To help solve this problem, be sure to fully rinse the holding tanks. Also, try to fill the tank 1/3 full of water and add a bucket of ice before driving. The ice will slosh around in the tank to help clean off the sensors. 
10: Why won't the furnace come on?
Check the switch at the bottom of the thermostat to ensure that is on the "ON/HEAT" position. Start the main engine or plug into shore power to charge the batteries. Check the reset button behind the outside of the furnace access cover. 
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